Growing Your Business During Lock-In

During the annual election period (AEP) those on Medicare are actively searching for agents to help them enroll onto Medicare plans so it’s far easier to grow your book of business. But what about the other 10 months of the year? Here are some tips to help grow your business all year round.

Visit Local Doctor’s Office – Going around to local doctor’s offices and introducing yourself could potentially get you referrals. Make sure to bring business cards or flyers to leave behind. Often clients talk to their physicians or doctors’ offices for guidance on insurance. This is especially true for clients who have formed a relationship with their doctor over the years. Knowing the doctor’s offices in your area and making yourself known to them could potentially be an easy way to gain more clients.

Invest in Leads – Ordering leads is a simple way to open yourself up to new markets, make new contacts and gain more business. There are various lead types to choose from based on your budget. Internet leads tend to be pricier but usually mean the client is actively searching for information. Mail drop leads are much cheaper but the return rate is only around 1-2%. Also, since leads are generated by people actively looking for information on health coverage, it is important to act fast on leads. Acting fast will ensure the client doesn’t go looking for information elsewhere and helps you to get the sale.

Pay attention to trainings year round – Many companies offer training or informational classes throughout the year to discuss how they can help you grow your business during lock-in. Take advantage of these opportunities and hear what they have to say. Although their suggestions could be tips you already know about, they could also be offering support that could help you toward your goals that you wouldn’t get on your own.

Have (and know) the right products to sell – Make sure you’re contracted with the right products to help bring you more business outside of AEP. Developing a relationship with a client by starting out with life products could potentially lead to them coming to you for health insurance in later years. Medicare supplement plans are also key to helping grow business during lock-in. This is especially true in states such as California where the birthday rule applies.

Run meetings within your area – When a person first enters into Medicare it can be difficult for them to navigate the system. Hearing about the various plans can seem confusing and frustrating so having someone on their side who can competently explain their insurance options can drastically ease their worries. Holding meetings throughout your community or service area can help build relationships that lead to sales and referrals. It also helps you become a staple within the community so people know who to go to when they’re ready for help with their insurance needs.

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