The Importance of being a Self-Reliant Agent

Being a health insurance agent is hard work and can be very time intensive, especially during open enrollment. Although the staff at Agent Pitstop is here to help where we can, it’s also important to look at what you know and evaluate if you could be a self-reliant agent if the circumstance were to arise.Knowing how to be more independent could be the difference between making a sale and completely dropping the ball.

But what does it mean to be self-reliant?

It’s really all about knowing your industry and what you need to do in order to help your client’s to the best of your ability. Here are some tips for learning to be self-reliant.

Know How to Market Yourself – Whether through leads or by becoming more involved in your community to help generate referrals, you need to be marketing yourself to make money. Marketing is absolutely key in growing your business and the only way marketing happens is through spending your time, money or both to make sure clients are coming your way. Being proactive with implementing a marketing plan is one of the most important steps you can take towards being a self-reliant agent.

Popular methods of marketing include buying leads, generic print advertisements, direct mail business reply cards or holding meetings.

Know Your Product & Where it Comes From – Know the plans in your area and the benefits of the various plans. If you aren’t confident in your product knowledge, there are trainings you can seek out through company offered trainings or from your up line.

Self-reliant agents also know who to contact to order supplies and they have them on hand before needing them. If you don’t know how to order something, calling a company’s broker support line or your up line is usually the best bet when looking for a way to get supplies. If broker support can’t help you, they’ll at least know where to direct you.

Just keep in mind the company wants you to have product on hand so that you’re able to write business if the opportunity arises so don’t feel shy about reaching out to request what you need.

Know What a Clean App Looks Like and Know How to Submit it – Submitting a clean app and knowing how to write the app, as well as knowing who to send the app too once it’s complete, is important. You can know your product information inside and out but unless you know how to properly complete the enrollment process, your knowledge doesn’t help you or your client.

Submitting a clean app can save hours of headache and upset.

Know How to Follow Up and Resolve Issues – Making sure you are up-to-date with your applications is key to being a self-reliant agent. The first step is making sure your application has been submitted correctly. After a few days you need to follow up on the application and make sure your client was successfully enrolled. If there are any issues with the application you need to act quickly to take care of these issues. Don’t sit on something that could be taken care of easily because it could result in the application being terminated.

Track Your Commissions and Know How to Problem Solve – A self-reliant agent has a method in place to help track their commissions. They know what they’re supposed to be getting and when they’re supposed to be getting it. This way, if something isn’t paid out, the issue can be caught sooner rather than later.

This is something where you’ll have to find the best method that works for you, however if you’re an agent with Agent Pitstop then you’ll be able to track most of your commissions using your account.

**If you’re an agent with Agent Pitstop and have a commissions discrepancy, please fill out a commissions discrepancy form and forward the form to via secure email.

Download the discrepancy form by clicking here.

Know Your Tools and Use Them Frequently – Many companies offer a broker portal or resource site of some sort. Here at Van Berg & Associates we offer to track application submissions, contracting, and commissions. These tools, when utilized, help you keep on top of everything else listed above. If you’re not utilizing tools such as broker portals and resource sites like than you’re making your job harder than it needs to be.

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