• Time to Get Certified!

    Here at Agent Pitstop we want you to have a successful AEP, and getting certified is the first step. Below you will find tips to get you started on the right foot and get you ready to head into AEP with minimal hiccups.

    2018 AHIP certifications are now available, so if you haven’t completed it yet, don’t wait! It will be much easier to get it done now instead of when we get closer to AEP. Make a date and time for yourself where you clear your schedule for a few hours to get it done. Did you know that most carriers will provide a $50 discount if you complete your AHIP through them? Some carriers also offer reimbursements for even more of the cost if you write a minimum number of applications. Check the agent portals of carriers you work with to see what they offer, and watch your email for announcements of any special programs.

    If you’re not already, you should make a habit of checking out our certifications page. Here you can find links to the online carrier certifications, as well as schedules and information on in-person certifications. For certain carriers you can RSVP through us by e-mailing You’ll need to send us your 2018 AHIP, current license, and current E&O to RSVP. Even if you’re not RSVPing for a training, we appreciate getting your current documentation as soon as possible so that we can keep our records up to date.

    If you don’t complete your certifications on time, there can be some real consequences for you and your business. If you don’t certify, you cannot write that product at all for the upcoming plan year and you won’t be paid on your renewals, which is enough reason for most of us to go ahead and get it done! So, even if a plan has left your area or you just no longer want to write for that carrier, you still need to recertify or risking losing out on renewals that should be yours!

    It’s also worth it to get certified as early as possible, because until you’ve finished your certification, you can’t access enrollment kits, marketing materials, or other resources provided by carriers. Plus, certifications are one of the simplest things to complete early.

    If you have any questions regarding certifications, please give us a call at (800) 723-5228.