Get to Know Your Carriers

We want you to take a moment and answer a couple questions. (We promise these are easy.)
1. How many carriers are you appointed with?
2. How many of their websites have you been to?

The reason we ask is there is a whole network of information on those carrier websites.
• Detailed information about their products
• Live chat
• Direct phone numbers for Agents Only
• Material ordering (that sometimes goes straight to your house)
• Promo ordering
• Insurance Resources
• Contact forms
• Specials/prizes/events

With AEP right around the corner we think it would be a great time for you to familiarize yourself with the companies that you are appointed with. By doing so, you have all the knowledge you need to give potential clients.

Need some help finding your carrier website? Type the carrier name in the search bar of your preferred internet search engine and the carrier you are looking for should pop up on the top of your search.

With that being said, we have another great reference for you to use:

That’s right. Agent Pit Stop. Did you know that on our webpage you can:
Click on the CLIENTS tab to see all your clients, plus you can see all upcoming birthdays. Making it easy for you to give them a phone call, send a card, or let them know of plans that may be more suitable to their health needs.

Under the CONTRACTS tab you can see which documents we have on file and when they are expiring, plus you can request contracting information for carriers you may not be appointed with.

The RATES tab has a search engine for you to use to better prepare you for your appointments. It helps your clients know the most updated rates that are available.

The BILLING tab will show any balances you have with Van Berg.

The COMMISSION STATEMENTS tab will show you exactly that. What date you were paid, the company/companies, and a file to download of the statement for that date.

The SECURE EMAIL tab is for those who would like to sign up or log in to their secure email page.

Last, but not least, the BLOG tab. Keep up to date with information about carriers, helpful tips, changes in insurance, and other information that may be pertain to the business.

As always, if you cannot find what you are looking for here and still need additional help, we have several people in the office to help point you in the right direction. Please do not hesitate to call us at (800) 723-5228.

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