How to Complete a Medicare Drug Review

According to the Department of Health and Services around 73% of seniors take prescription drugs, which is why prescription drug coverage for those on Medicare is so important.

Here is a step by step guide on how to help your client find a prescription drug plan that suites them best, based on their prescription needs.

STEP 1: Go to and click on “Find Health & Drug Plans.”

Step 1

STEP 2: Put in your client’s zip code and click “Find Plans.”

Step 2

STEP 3: Enter your client’s information based on what fits their situation best. Click “Continue to Plan Results.”

Step 3

STEP 4: Enter your client’s drug information. When you start typing in the name of the prescription, the name of the drug should auto-populate. It will then let you know if a generic option is available and allow you to choose that option if your client is interested. After that it will ask the prescribed amount of pills per month, etc.

Step 4

STEP 5: Once all of your client’s drug information is inputted, click “My Drug List is Complete.”

Step 5

STEP 6: Next choose which pharmacy your client would like to use. You can choose multiple options so that you can compare prices between pharmacy options. Then click “Continue to plan results.”


STEP 7: On this screen you can narrow down your search based on if they are looking for just a Prescription Drug Plan, or if they are looking for Medicare Health Plans with drug coverage. Once that is chosen click “Continue to Plan Results.”

Step 7

STEP 8: This screen will show your client’s various plan results. From here you can compare plans based on costs, benefits, etc. Clicking on the plan name (such as the one circled in red below) will show you the plan details, which will give you a more in depth view of the plan, as well as the star rating.

Step 8

STEP 9: This is an example of the plan detail page.

Step 9

Remembering to review your clients medications annually will help make sure that they get the coverage that makes the most sense for them.

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