• Can Home Technology Help Seniors Stay Independent Longer?

    Maintaining the independence to stay in their homes is a high priority to most seniors, and emerging technology may make that easier. Things like home monitoring systems, telehealth programs, and new types of mobility aids can help future generations of seniors avoid lengthy nursing home stays. As a result, this can help them preserve their savings, peace of mind, and independence.

    What needs to happen to help keep seniors in their homes?

    Seniors need better access to reliable, affordable cell phone and internet service – Things like home monitoring systems require high speed internet service, and telehealth services often make use of video calling features on newer smart phones. Access can be limited in rural areas and the costs can be prohibitive for seniors with limited income.

    Providers and members have to think beyond brick and mortar – Some seniors may be reluctant at first to use telehealth services or other technology, and will need support to get accustomed to it. Providers may also shy away, fearing their senior clients won’t use new technology and the effort to implement it will go to waste.

    Get Medicare and carriers on board – Seniors will only use most of these new technologies if at least some portion of the cost is covered by Medicare or secondary insurance. Medicare and carrier guidelines need to be updated to handle claims for these new services.

    We’ve embraced technology in so many areas of our lives, it’s only a matter of time before we do the same thing when it comes to caring for our seniors.

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