You Are Not Selling Medicare Advantage, You Are Educating

People typically don’t like feeling like they’re being sold on something, especially when it comes to something as important as their health insurance. If you give your clients the information they need, they can make their health care decisions with confidence and without you ever needing to give them a sales pitch.

Here are some things to remember to make your presentations more educational.

Clients will feel most comfortable if they really understand their plan. – Whatever plan a client chooses, they’ll be happiest if they know what to expect in terms of copays, premiums, deductibles, networks, and added benefits. Disappointment and frustration can set in when a client expects something to cost a certain amount of work a certain way and it doesn’t.

Clients want to feel like you respect their intelligence. – You may be the expert on insurance, but clients want to be spoken to as intelligent adults and not talked down to. Even if they need the absolute basics explained, treat them with respect and give them the information they need in a way they can understand.

Explain what they need to know instead of showing off what you know. – All the interesting, complex things you know don’t matter. What matters is that clients get the information that they need. Resist the urge to use unnecessary jargon and go off on tangets. Explain the terminology they do need to know and don’t waste your client’s time with excessive information.

If you approach client meetings less as elaborate sales presentations and more as conversations with someone you care about, all of this will come naturally, leaving your clients well-informed and confident.

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